set design

I’ve been designing sets for over twelve years as an Environment Artist in the video games industry. Construction takes place using 3D modeling software like Maya or Sketchup where material choice, texture, colour palettes and lighting are also other important elements of the overall design process. These skills are all directly transferable into Set Designing for movies and theatre. Coming from the video games industry it genuinely excites me to see how my 3D models/drawings are realized in ‘real world’ environments.

concept art

You could say that my background is in concept art, as it is the practice in which I’ve continued to work at since I was a child. Although I create the majority of my work in Photoshop these days, I often still find it necessary to ‘rough out’ my initial concepts using pencil and paper. My digital process of creating concept art  relies on the various techniques I’ve learned over the years including 3D modeling, photography, ‘photobashing’ (formerly photo-montage) and light painting.

graphic art

Having spent fifteen years as a production designer within a number of CGI studios in Europe and Canada, I feel comfortable in a fast paced creative environment and meeting tight deadlines. On a daily basis I use industry standard software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk 3D and Sketchup. I enjoy researching and reproducing historical and contemporary documents, signage and ephemera. Choosing the paper stock, deciding which fonts are in keeping with the product/era and affecting how the ink sits on its surface is what motivates me.