I have been involved all aspects of producing and publishing printed media from providing content (researching /writing editorials/stories, illustration, photography) to layout, editing and self-publishing. There is something to be said for holding a book, comic, zine or magazine in one’s hand having had some input into its creation, its tangible existence in the real world.


The thing I like about working on advertising campaigns is the collaboration between interdisciplinary groups in order to create that effective series of messages across multiple media platforms. With my extensive production knowledge and my co-ordination experience as Art Production Manager I can provide and execute an effective and clearly defined roadmap for a successful campaign or project.

brand identity

A blank page and a scant brief liberates my imagination. Being given the opportunity to establish a company’s presence in the consumer’s mind is one of the most rewarding aspects of my practice. Setting the foundations of a brand’s identity using my research and concepting skills can be as rewarding as executing the approved concept and receiving it’s final sign off.


While my design practice is visually very similar to print design there are fundamental differences that influence my web based work. Identifying and understanding key performance indicators (KPI’s) help me in defining optimized solutions for my interactive online content. A successful website, blog or portfolio that receives positive engagement relies mostly upon a clear message with intuitive navigation.

2D work

I graduated in 1996 from Sheffield Hallam University, England with a Bachelor of Arts honors degree in Fine Art. I went on to work in traditional 2D animation as an in-betweener for Universal Pictures’ “American Tail – Fievel Goes West”.

3D work

I have worked in the video games industry for fifteen years. Ten years’, hands on experience as junior, senior and lead artist and Art Director. I’ve worked on several AAA console titles including Tomb Raider, Mod Nation Racers and Far Cry.